Kobald Mining Services’ Steel Ring Gauges (pdf to be inserted) are produced in sizes corresponding to the standard outside set diameters of bits and reaming shells, helping you determine specific measurements of new bits and/or shells. For drillers, it is highly important to check the size before starting drilling in order to avoid a potential downtime, to ensure the operation safety running and of course, to optimize the tool lifetime.




Our casing advancer (pdf to be inserted) consists of an Inner Assembly screwed into the top of a string of casing and a Driver Coupling. The device serves to protect the threads and acts as an anvil for the hammer when driving the casing. With Kobald’s Advancer, you will protect the borehole and the drilling tools against caving in weak overburden material or dykes and will prevent excessive water losses




A water swivel (pdf to be inserted) is one of the critical parts and probably the weakest link of the entire hoisting system, because this device connects the water hose to the drill rod string and is designed to permit the drill string to be rotated in the borehole while water is pumped into it to create the circulation needed to cool the bit and remove the cuttings produced. Understanding the drillers needs, Kobald Mining Services proposes to its customer both gravity and pump-in systems in double and triple tube configurations. We have a tool designed to ensure you remain efficient, including Edge Latch for improves locking and unlocking, shielded bearing, latch locking for up-hole drilling, and inner tube cap thread protector.



For different reasons, it happens to lose the tools in the borehole, but Kobald Mining Services is willing to help you providing a high quality fishing tools & taps (pdf to be inserted) used on the end of a drill string to fish or to remove from the hole lost pieces of drilling equipment. Recovery taps are offered in both right and left hand threaded configurations.

With our fishing tools, your drilling equipment will be never lost!



As a driller, do not take additional risks while you are drilling! Check your drill rod size with our rod gauges (pdf to be inserted)! It is simple, safe and allows you to avoid time and money losses!


Each driller should have between his tools different pipe wrenches, which consist in one fixed and one adjustable jaw, each serrated and attached to a handle. When the handle is pulled, the jaws grip a cylindrical object with increasing firmness. Thanks to Kobald Mining Services, you have a chance to have Inner Tube & Outer Tube Wrenches, Gripper Pad Wrenches, Stationary Jaw Wrenches, Swing Jaw Wrenches, Particle Wrenches, and Retaining Ring Wrenches for all common sizes.