With the ever increasing cost of materials and fuels, achieving the best value when budgeting for a drilling programme can be a time-consuming and difficult process.  Finding the correct balance between economy and quality can exceed the scope of many exploration professionals who need to find the right solution quickly without compromising on results.

Kobald Mining Services can resolve this issue by carrying out an independent review of proposed drilling projects, from giving technical advice to creating a complete tender document.

We can also review tender submissions to compare and assess contractors’ capabilities in carrying out drilling projects, giving a structured report on the strengths and weaknesses, and the estimated true cost of the project from the perspective of each individual proposal

Where drilling projects fail to achieve the desired targets, whether in performance, recovery or quality, we can offer a technical troubleshooting service, assessing problem areas and working with both the client and contractor to achieve a satisfactory project performance.

Equipment Selection

For clients carrying out their own drilling projects in-house, Kobald Mining Services Ltd. can review the client’s requirements and offer tailored solutions from giving technical advice or preparing equipment lists, to procuring and supplying drilling equipment and materials, and creating necessary documents and organizing shipment.

We can also carry out this service for equipment for drilling operations support, such as earth moving equipment for infrastructure and site preparation, and transport systems for logistical site support.