This “D” rod has been designed for the challenging deep drilling operations. We understand that under normal operation significant stresses are generated in the drill rods by:

  • The weight of the drillstring, therefore these rods are lighter
  • The torque induced by the rotation of the string. Kobald Mining Services Ltd proposes an environmentally friendly thread compound to reduce friction. This allows for the proper makeup of the joint with less torque and reduced galling.
  • Fatigue which is below the ultimate tensile strength tendency of a metal to fail under conditions of repeated cyclic stressing considerably. Taking this into account, the “D” design rod are manufactured from Electric resistance welded alloy steel tubing from American and Japanese suppliers, this ensures a uniform wall thickness for greater joint integrity, balanced rotation and even wear.

Every rod is factory coated with this compound on the box and pin ends

The use of this compound is MANDATORY for the initial make-up of the joint