Kobald Mining Services Ltd. provides to its customers high quality diamond bits designed and manufactured with the highest quality synthetic diamonds, metal powders and alloys with specialty matrix additives.

By analyzing different factors which influence the performance and lifetime of the diamond tool like:

  • type of formation being drilled,
  • hole diameter & depth,
  • ground conditions,
  • type of drill,
  • weight on bit,
  • water flow flush requirement
  • and RPM (revolution per minute). The rotating action of the bit causes the exposed diamonds to cut into the rock mass.



Kobald Mining Services Ltd. offers an impregnated diamond bit capable to achieve maximum performance:

  • Performs in so , medium and very hard abrasive forma ons; as well as, broken, fractured and competent ground conditions
  • Rock forma on hardness range MOH’s 5-9
  • Very abrasive formations
  • High penetration rates and longer life
  • Stable drilling torque – steady, constant cutting characteristics
  • Easy to sharpen with very little effort

Each unique combination of these components form the matrix type (T#) and enables the bit to withstand the demands of the driller and the drill in different challenging operations.


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