Because you want to use in the best way your equipment, Kobald Mining Service strongly suggests to its customer to use only genuine spare parts for drill rigs.

Thanks to the genuine spare parts you will maximize the lifetime and efficiency of your drill rig. Kobald Mining Services Ltd is the only one to know the exact original equipment specification to provide you spare with:

  • Raw Material as per original for wear parts
  • Spare commercial equipment as per original specification to insure safety and efficiency
  • 2000 references of parts in stock ready to be shipped

Keep your drill rig efficient, safe and available!


Kobald Mining Services Ltd is willing to help its customer to reduce the maintenance time& costs and to ensure the recovery of drill rig performance.

In this goal we offer:

  • Diagnostic and root cause analysis
  • Identification of the repairing work
  • Solution to avoid recurring issue

During shut down of your drilling operations, we propose:

  • Inspection of equipment condition and equipment overhaul
  • Recommended spare parts list tailored to your needs

During the drilling operations, we propose:

  • Assessment of equipment in operating condition
  • Recommendation

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