Reverse Circulation bits play a key role in sample quality and depth capacity. This is why, the raw material of provided bits by Kobald Mining Services is highly specialized steal which has been forged to remove any voids and improve the mechanical properties. Our bits are also hardened using a carburizing technique to maximize wear and fatigue resistance instead of its demanding application.

Reverse Circulation Hammers (RC) are mostly the preferred tooling for the RC drilling team, its fast and efficient while keeping cost down for the geological team. Our hammers show outstanding results in deep exploration applications, high performance having a friendly to use design.


It is important to choose the right tool as there are many sizes from 3” to 6” hole diameter. The hammer works by turning slowly while a piston hits the bit many times a minute which in turn fractures the rock and the air flow lifts the fracture rock to the surface.

Heavy Duty and Lightweight Bit Design

  • Larger shank spline cross section reduces risk of shank-off through splines.
  • Small and lightweight bit design makes handling the bit safer.

High Performance and Reliable Hammer Design

  • Valved drive stroke delivers maximum impact, power, and efficiency versus fixed piston port designs.
  • Uniquely heat treated steel valve technology eliminates the risk of melting that is associated with plastic valves, making it more reliable and longer lasting.

Reliable and Durable Collection Tube

  • Extra hard material is durable and extends the life of the collection tube.
  • Isolation mounts prevents hammer vibration from interfering with the collection tube.

High-Frequency Cycle

  • Lower striking energy works well through clays and other similar ground conditions and is less prone to plugging.
  • Weight matched piston and bit recovers impact recoil energy into piston improving efficiency and reducing vibration to the drill string and head, potentially reducing rig maintenance costs.

Tri-Flow Cuttings Removal

  • Advanced design evenly balances air flow across the bit face for better samples.

Other features

  • Damped check valve movement reduces lip seal wear and check valve spring fatigue.
  • Unique design eliminates need for secondary adaptor to secure collection tube.