Lite drill rod is a lighter weight drill rod alternative in both deep hole and standard wireline thread forms, used particularly when drill size and/or remote site mobilization becomes an issue.

A variable wall thickness ensures a strong joint while decreasing the overall weight of the drill rod without compromising life.

Allows for deep holes with smaller, lower powdered drills and is ideal for demanding projects requiring hole deviation. Mobilization to site is easier and less expensive (fly jobs) with light weight wireline drill rod.

Weight reduction: N = 12% | H = 22% | P = 23%

Every rod is factory coated with this compound on the box and pin ends

The use of this compound is MANDATORY for the initial make-up of the joint

Light weight wireline drill rod is manufactured using high quality alloy steel tubing with same mechanical properties as parallel wall. This allows for a thinner midbody to increase overall flexibility.

The drill rod is processed with an additional stress relief heat treat, to eliminate bent rods. A final quench and temper heat treat process is performed before machining the thread to strengthen the rod joint for greater torsional and tensile properties.

Precision Machined Threads

Available in standard wireline (WL) and deep hole (D) thread forms, along with a complete line of accessory products that are manufactured with the same precision.

Finished threads are precision machined and not distorted by any other process, providing a superior joint fit with less chance of the joint pulling apart.