Drill pipe makes up a significant percentage of investment in a drilling operation; therefore Kobald Mining services propose high quality rods with ultrasonically inspected welds which allow you to gain a maximum lifetime through a greater wear resistance and in such way to obtain a return on your investment. Independently of the chosen thread, the inner and outer tubes are manufactured from premium quality tubing. Tool Joints are made from micro alloy steel with the surface Carbonised for wear resistance, this gives excellent fatigue resistance. All threads are manufactured to the highest standard and tested with thread gauges

Metzke-type thread is a high-grade alloy tool joints and inner tube assemblies, and easily replaceable inner tubes with special joints that offer a better stabilization in the hole with minimal flow.



Remet-type thread is a high-grade alloy tool joints and inner tube assemblies. Remet-type RC pipe consists in sealing o-rings on the pin portion of the inner tube assembly, providing optimal inner tube sealing and airflow.



Thanks to the heat treated tool joints, you can obtain a perfect concentricity and axial alignment.