Kobald Mining Services Ltd. understands the drillers’ needs for the drill rods. The drill rods connect the bit and core barrel in the borehole to the water swivel and water hose at the top. The drill rods are held by a steel-jawed chuck and are rotated under pressure to actuate the cutting of the bit.

So, for the driller, it is important to have the drill rods with physical strength characteristics, because they need to:

  • apply pressure to the bit under smooth and vibration free rotation, and thus ensure optimal cutting action at the required revolutions
  • supply effectively water or other fluids through the inside of the rod to cool the bit and to flush away the rock cuttings
  • avoid failure in the hole

Today, thanks to the intensive researches, particularly in the drill rod thread design and mechanical characteristics, we are proud to offer premium quality drill rods which will meet your expectations:


  • Durability: consistent quality of the material, structural strength, uniform mechanical properties
  • Wear resistance: consistent surficial quality of the material, appropriate heat treatment of the surface of rods, couplings and threads
  • Strength requirements: the correct combination of yield and ultimate tensile strength as well as elongation and hardness
  • Toughness and Fatigue resistance
  • Tube weight: consistent dimensional accuracy allowing to increase the drop speed and the depth using the same pullback