Choosing the right equipment and tools for your blasting is crucial for your daily drilling operation and also for reducing cost of excavation process.

Koblad Mining Services Ltd. rods enable the driller easier and faster drilling and charging. Less bending and fatigue stresses on the drill string ensure a quick return on investment. As a driller subcontractor you will achieve better blasting results – controlled rock fragmentation, less risk for fly rock, back break and ground vibrations as well as smoother benches.

Application To bridge the rotation unit and the cutting tool,
Quality Important quality to allow for rotation speed and cutting weight
Drilling speed Rotation speed between 15 to 30 RPM.
Hole depth Usually governed by the application of the rig and cottoning tool usually max 40 mts
Hole size Usually between 6” and  8” Dismeter
Flexibility The rod  has to be able to handle different cutting tools.
Cost Cost varies depending on rock hardness and the abrasiveness of the rock.
Time Usually these rods have a long life if the threads are greased with the appropriate barrier grease.
Technique The technique is simple, when not in use store flat and off the ground.

Check for any bending and for any thread damage