The surface set bits are mostly used in softer rock formations, and can be set with normal industrial or Carbonado diamond. Surface Set bit has have natural stones embedded in the surface of the crown. The depth to which a stone is embedded depends on the size of the diamonds used and is approximatively 2/3 of the overall diameter of the stone.
Kobald Mining Services Ltd., decided to offer to its customer only Surface Set Bits with Carbonado diamonds, because it is a proven fact, that they have a higher performance in harder, more abrasive formations, and offer excellent core recovery in broken ground conditions.

Crown and Waterway Configurations
Kobald Mining Services Ltd. offers 2 crowns, “W” and “Tapered” and both are available with Wide Waterway or Superflush Waterway in different diameters (N, N3, H, H3, P and P3).