Every drilling company would like to achieve as good as possible performance in drilling at the lowest cost.

Our intention at Kobald Mining Services Ltd. is to react to our customers’ willingness by offering formalized training across the non-petroleum drilling industry, with the ultimate goal of proving to your drilling teams around the world the key knowledge and confidence that they are able to operate, maintain and achieve very good results with their drill rig.

Our personnel and contributors have between them spent tens of years working in the exploration and geotechnical industries, as clients, contractors and manufacturers.

Using their knowledge and experience, we have created a series of classroom and practical based modules to address training at all levels from new recruits to management.  Practical sessions are either workshop based, or on site with drilling equipment.

Training can be delivered at our base in France, or at the client’s site using their own equipment and facilities.  We can also tailor individual training modules to suit specific client requirements.

Get fresh insights, tips and tactics for highly efficient drilling with Kobald Mining Services!